Book II Morgan Le Fay : Children of This World |  Cover art by Janaina Medeiros

Jo-Anne Blanco Author of the Fata Morgana Series

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Brothers Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon have landed in Belerion with an army raised to fight High King Vortigern. Supporters of the High King gather at Tintagel, seat of Morgan’s father the Duke of Belerion, as they prepare for battle. Ominous clouds of war hang over the castle, treachery lurks in the shadows, and rumours abound that Ambrosius is being aided by a powerful dark force from the past …

Since Morgan’s encounter with the Piskies and the Muryans, the faerie tribes have united against her, vowing revenge. Meanwhile, her powers are growing faster and stronger, her dreams and visions more potent. On Samhain night, when the veil between the worlds becomes thin, Morgan resolves to summon Diana the Moon Huntress to her once again, with terrifying and tragic consequences …

Jo-Anne Blanco

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The Fata Morgana Series The Fata Morgana series is an epic series of novels chronicling the life and times of Morgan le Fay. Author Jo-Anne Blanco   -   contact Jo-Anne     -     all content contained within this web site is the copyright © of Jo-Anne Blanco © 2017


The Fata Morgana Series is an epic series of novels chronicling the life and times of Morgan le Fay.

Morgan is a unique character in European mythology and literature, whose origins in the Celtic goddess beliefs of Wales and Ireland later spread to the medieval literature of England, Scotland, France, Spain and Italy.




Future Books in the Fata Morgana Series will follow Morgan’s eventful life from childhood to womanhood, beginning in ancient Cornwall (Belerion) and continuing in early medieval Wales, Ireland, Gaul, and Scotland,  against the backdrop of constant wars and a rapidly changing world. Later books will take her even further afield, as far as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and beyond.

Jo-Anne Blanco was born in Brazil to a Spanish father and English mother. She has spent much of her life travelling around the world as a teacher. Her travels, together with her lifelong passion for reading, writing and storytelling, inspired her to embark upon her Fata Morgana epic fantasy series, about the life and adventures of Morgan le Fay.

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