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Future Books in the Fata Morgana Series will follow Morgan’s eventful life from childhood to womanhood, beginning in ancient Cornwall (Belerion) and continuing in early medieval Wales, Ireland, Gaul, and Scotland, against the backdrop of constant wars and a rapidly changing world. Later books will take her even further afield, as far as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and beyond.

Morgan’s studies, travels, and exciting experiences in the mortal world will be intertwined with her thrilling, magical adventures in supernatural realms and faerie courts across the earth, her encounters and conflicts with capricious gods and fallen angels, and her own ascendance to extraordinary power and knowledge.

Jo-Anne Blanco Author of the Fata Morgana Series

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Morgan Le Fay

Small Things and Great

A magical, folklore-inspired fantasy novel about the adventures of young Morgan le Fay, destined to become legendary Fata Morgana, fairy queen of King Arthur and Camelot fame.

When young Morgan discovers she has magic gifts, she must venture into dark and dangerous faerie realms to rescue the soul of a child fated to be reborn. Can Morgan use her new-found powers to defy the faeries and save herself from their terrible wrath?


Morgan Le Fay

Children of this World

The second in the Fata Morgana Series of historical fantasy novels, chronicling the adventures of young Morgan le Fay, gifted with magic and destined to become the great fairy queen of Arthurian and Camelot legend.

War has come to Morgan and her friends at Tintagel Castle as the King fights to keep the throne of Britain. Meanwhile, the faeries, furious with Morgan, are seeking revenge. On Samhain night, when the veil between the worlds becomes thin, Morgan must contend with terrifying forces both faerie and mortal.


Morgan Le Fay

Giants in the Earth

The third novel in the Fata Morgana Series about the life and times of young Morgan le Fay, whose magic will one day lead her to a great destiny as the most powerful fairy queen in the time of King Arthur and Camelot.

After Tintagel Castle is attacked, young Morgan is sent away to safety with her family, friends and tutor. But when bandits ambush their party, Morgan gets lost in the forest with nothing but her wits and her magic powers to rely on. In her battle for survival, she must draw upon all her gifts, magic and mortal, on a perilous journey that will test her strength, faith and loyalty to the utmost.





Jo-Anne Blanco

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